• how install v 1.0 MusicConnect to 10.12.6


    Description: Pieman Studios - Multimedia Design - MusicConnect - 819 KB - Audio

    ▹ v 1.0 MusicConnect

    MusicConnect is a great way to get the most out of your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad's music library. Imagine Apple's Remote in reverse and that is exactly what you get! MusicConnect for mac lets you play and browse the music on your device whilst sitting at your computer. Let your speakers do all the work as you control them from your mac from anywhere within range of your wifi! You could be sitting outside, upstairs, in the basement or on the roof and you can have complete control over what is playing, without having to move a centimetre. Get MusicConnect for iPad/iPhone on the iTunes App Store (there is a lite version so you can try before you buy), and get listening to your music in style! Instructions: 1- Download MusicConnect from the iPhone App Store on your device 2- Open MusicConnect on your mac and on your iDevice and make sure they are connected to the same wifi network 3- Select "speaker" on your iDevice, then click the "find device" button on your mac 4- Your iDevice should appear on the list on your mac (if it does not, your network firewalls need adjusting). Select the device and it will collect music data from your iDevice 5- Once the information has cached you can get listening!

    for 10.11 AFP.MUSICCONNECT.VERS.2.0.APP | 696 kb |
    Best on High Sierra soCFe_v.1.4_MusicConnect.dmg | 761 kb |
    Version to 10.11.4 v-1.1-MusicConnect-9WFp.app | 769 kb |
    MacOS version-1.3-MusicConnect-ni0GAP.app | 868 kb |
    Version on OS X set.vers.3.0.MusicConnect.zip | 876 kb |
    Recomended Sierra MusicConnect.v.1.2.6gW5K5.dmg | 843 kb |

    Pieman Studios

    Recomended iMac FLAREVIDEO.EXTENSION.1.2.LM5.ZIP | 636 kb | 1.4
    Version High Sierra 1.6.5-AmbiLauncher-JsMnGP.dmg | 9281 kb | 1.4.8
    Updated OS X bVVQMH_DiscEject_v_2.2.tar.gz | 1148 kb | 2.1

    | 966 kb | Update BaC v.1.4 MusicConnect 1.3 Updated to 10.14.3
    | 884 kb | 1.3 MUSICCONNECT NX8KD 1.2 to MacOS
    | 687 kb | ver. 3.0 MusicConnect n2Nfwv 1.4 to Mojave
    | 655 kb | App tX3pyt ver. 1.1 MusicConnect 2.0 Featured on iMac Pro
    | 786 kb | Update V.2.0 MUSICCONNECT 0TQ 1.1 El Captan

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